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Römertunnel® - Your personalized greenhouse tunnel in any size


The multi use system for the professional grower

The Römertunnel® is convincing by its robust steel construction though very simple to handle in the daily business. As a solid greenhouse tunnel it offers the perfect solution for the professional grower. Due to the modular system the Römertunnel® can be your choice for a variety of functions such as warehousing, overwintering of plants, cover for ponds and pools, stable and many other individual solutions.


Multipiece, multi-purpose, robust greenhouse structure for professional growing. Quick assembly and dismantling thus very flexible. Early harvesting, sun protection, hail protection, overwintering for plants.

Also eligible as pool or pond covering.

Standard dimensions

Width : 3,50 m; 4,50 m; 5,50 m; 6,00 m; 6,50 m

Length : according to customer preference


Christoph Beyer

Sales Director

+ 49 () 26 02 / 92 64-21
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