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FVG Sun 4-FR®


The FVG Sun 4-FR stands out due to its high transparency and the certified fire prevention properties according to EN13501 (Bs1.d0). The PE film is frequently used in onstage construction, because it is easy to fuse, paint or print on. Furthermore for fairs or events it can be used for instance as an airdome. The FVG Sun 4-FR can even be provided ready-made. Quick delivery is guaranteed and since the PE film is on a roll unnecessary foldmarks are avoided.

FVG possesses the exclusive right of sale for this film in the countries of Germany and Austria.


Our B1 film in action on stage

Technical data

Widths (m):

6,00 / 10,00 / 12,00

Special widhts upon request.


Custom cut for our customers.


Christoph Beyer

Sales Director

+ 49 () 26 02 / 92 64-21
Competence in film