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Sight- and windprotection - familyGarden®


The tough PP-camouflage screen is ideal to for instance turn a normal bar grate fence into a opaque camouflage fence. Therefore the PP-camouflage screen simply needs to be braided into the fence. Additionally the camouflage screen works as a wind screen. The individual colour selection gives you the opportunity to visually enhance your fence with the modern, matt design. It is part of our "familyGarden®" product range.


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Standard dimensions

0,19 x 12,65 m - 4 PU

0,19 x 25,30 m - 3 PU


0,19 x 25,30 m - 30 PU


  • moss green
  • anthracite
  • stone grey


Siegfried Teske

Production management DIY

+ 49 () 26 02 / 92 64 -41
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