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Greenhouse film, nets, greenhouse tunnels and DIY-garden center products

We have devoted ourselves passionately to plants. To be more precise, we take care of their protection and prosperity with our products.

You will find just what you need for every application from us.

Technical high-qualitygreenhouse film made-to-measure for your special use in many widths and lengths.
Shading nets, floor fabrics, non-wovenfleece fabrics and many different special films even complete greenhouse tunnels, the so-called "Römertunnel" and DIY range.

We deliver all our products to any address, just in time.

Take advantage of our more than 35 years of experience
We look forward to seeing you!

Product categories:

  • Greenhouse film

    In modern agriculture greenhouse films are an important part of production. They will be used as cover films for greenhouses and tunnels (aka polytunnels) fitted with a variety of properties. For more than 35 years this has been what our core business and expertise is about. Our focus has always been to develop, test and market greenhouse film with state of the art mechanical and optical properties. Greenhouse film

  • Films for gardening

    A good crop yield combined with a consistent quality of any cultivation is the result of intense nursing. PE films in many different version and types to support nursery starting with the planting procedure, through the growth period up to the harvest. They help to protect you plants and to achieve optimized growth conditions. Professional Gardening

  • Fabrics / Nets

    Protecting your cultivation from insects, unwanted plants or extreme weather is essential for every professional gardener. With the use of special nets and woven material a good protection can be accomplished. Our experts will be able to answer all questions on different material and applications and provide all requested information. Fabrics / Nets

  • Spare parts and accessories

    Polytunnels and greenhouses are production areas for professional gardeners. From time to time smaller repairs or refurbishings are necessary. Starting from steel tubes, tunnel arches, ground anchors, metal clips for greenhouse film up to air blowers or fixing profiles for greenhouse films: all parts are available within the product range. Spare parts and accessories

  • Greenhouse tunnel

    Changing climatic conditions and unstable weather forces any gardener to protect his cultivation. A polytunnel or greenhouse tunnel is a good choice to create a micro climate and achieve perfect growing conditions. Greenhouse tunnels or polytunnels are offered as the Römertunnel® with individual lenghts and sizes or as a construction kit as Römi® and MiniRömi® Greenhouse tunnel / polytunnel

  • DIY - products

    You may find many, useful gardening products in our DIY-section, from the small tree guard to the big greenhouse tunnel. These include the environmentally friendly, plain slug fence. The slug fence is protected by a patent and is an exclusive product of the FVG. Lawn edge, landscaping edge, root block or herb spiral, we offer a selection of durable, inexpensive additions to your garden. For more information please visit the following page. DIY products

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